Statement: Working with a variety of mediums, from watercolors to oil pastels, I love to explore natural patterns, artistic experiments, and playful methods. About 90% of my work is improvised, which I feel makes it more personal, as I tend to let my emotions drive my brush rather than a pencil sketch. My aim is to provide semi-abstract, storytelling pieces reminiscent of the way I felt at the moment of a painting, while also adding a figurative element of something found in nature. This might be a tree, the roots of a meadow, or even a cave. This, I hope, will not only give my audience something to explore with their eyes, but also with their thoughts and feelings, allowing them to sense the eons of history the natural world has seen, and the deep emotional roots we are all a part of.

Bio: Lina Forrester was born in 1987 on an American Air Force base in Torrejón de Ardoz, Spain. For the first three years of her life, her family traveled to various places in both the US and Spain before they finally settled in Missouri. Growing up, Lina dabbled in all forms of art, from writing to music to painting to drawing to photography. She attended Columbia College in Missouri, where she earned a BA in Psychology. Despite her many aspirations, and her full-time job as a preschool teacher, Lina still found time to paint and take pictures, two things that have always brought her comfort. She had always shared her photography with the world, but it wasn't until her late 20s, early 30s, that she began to share her paintings as well. After that, she had no problem jumping whole-heartedly into a fine art career. She took online classes, taught herself watercolors before studying further into inks, gouache, and digital painting. And during that time, she began to immerse myself in the local art community, appearing in shows and entering that whole gallery scene, which she loves.

Lina currently lives in Jefferson City, Missouri with her husband, daughter, two cats, a canary, and an ornery husky named Howl.

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Current Exhibitions

June 26-July 30th 2020

Jefferson City Art Club Adult Exhibit

Capital Arts, Jefferson City, MO 


Jefferson City Art Club Adult Exhibit, First in Mixed Media, Third in Mixed Media, Third in Watercolor; Missouri State Fair, Honorable Mention; Jefferson City Art Club Adult Exhibition, First in Mixed Media, Second in Watercolor, Honorable Mention in Mixed Media; Missouri State Fair, Rainbow Ribbon; Fact or Fiction, Honorable Mention 


Past Exhibitions/Events


Online Gallery, Capital Arts, Online

Jefferson City Virtual PorchFest, Online Event

11th Annual Abstracts, Light Space Time,  Online

Hot or Cold, Capital Arts, Jefferson City, Missouri 

Winter, Envision Arts Gallery, Online


Give the Gift of Art, Capital Arts Gallery, Jefferson City, Missouri

Vibrant by Envision Arts, Frisco Art Gallery, Frisco, Texas

Visual Art Inspired by Music, SquidInk Gallery, Online

Porchfest, Local Festival, Forest Hill, Jefferson City, Missouri

CelebARTy, Auction, Jefferson City, Missouri

Myths and LegendsFeatured Artist, Capital Arts Gallery, Jefferson City, Missouri

Solo Exhibition, Runge Nature Center, Jefferson City, Missouri

Terra & Tide, Envision Arts, Online

Chalk Art Competition, Local Event, Riverside Park, Jefferson City, MO

Tell a Story, Capital Arts Gallery, Jefferson City, MO

Missouri State Fair, Professional Division, Sedalia, Missouri, Award: Honorable Mention

Life's a Beach, Capital Arts Gallery, Jefferson City, MO

Porchfest, Local Festival, Capitol Ave Historical District, Jefferson City, Missouri

Jefferson City Art Club Adult Exhibition, Amateur Division, Capital Arts Gallery, Jefferson City, MO, Awards: First Place in mixed media, Second Place in watercolor, Honorable Mention in mixed media

People, Pets, and Silhouettes, Capital Arts Gallery, Jefferson City, MO


Give the Gift of Art, Capital Arts Gallery, Jefferson City, MO

Jefferson City Art Crawl, Local Event, Jefferson City, MO

Transportation, Capital Arts Gallery, Jefferson City, MO


Missouri State Fair, Amateur Division, Sedalia, MO, Awards: Rainbow Ribbon (1st)

Fact or Fiction, Capital Arts Gallery, Jefferson City, MO, Award: Honorable Mention

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