• Lina Forrester

Stay Safe and Keep Creative

Updated: Jul 29

Things have been weird lately. Like really weird. Here, school is getting canceled on Wednesday and will be out for over two weeks. The stores are overwhelmed--and empty--and several of you are on lockdown in Europe. 

Needless to say, we might all get some pretty serious cabin fever in the coming weeks. Especially if this goes on for much longer. 

Luckily, we all have a gift, a creative muscle in our brains that can help us get through even the most boring days. That creative muscle isn't something just for artists, it's for anyone who was born with a brain. That includes you!

When we were kids, we used that creative muscle in almost everything we did. From imaginative play, to singing in the tub, and, yes, in various art projects. 

What did you like to use? Probably everything! You probably loved crayons and markers and shaving cream and glue and anything slimy and sticky. Glitter was a must. Painting was the best part of freeplay in school. 

That part of you that loves to explore and experiment is still in there. Some of you are photographers, some of you are painters. Some of you are writers and doll-makers, entrepreneurs and teachers. Each and every one of you has a kiddo in there just waiting for the green light. 

And I think this quarantine period is the best time to let that kid out. Wear jammies all day and get covered in paint and glitter. Sure, do some adult stuff here and there (spring cleaning, anyone?) but just don't forget to have fun. 

These are serious times, and we're all a bit on edge. We're worried about our friends who are immune compromised, and our loved ones over sixty. We're worried about our kids, even when they say we shouldn't be. We're worried we won't have enough cereal for two weeks, and that we won't be able to get our prescriptions on time. And it's in these serious times I think we get the clearest picture of what's really important to us. What you learn might surprise you. Or not surprise you. Either way, take a moment to reflect on that.

And then go turn your bedroom wall into a mural. 

Stay safe everyone, stay hydrated and healthy, and keep creative.

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