• Lina Forrester

Spring Weaver

Updated: Jul 29

Getting out these days is a rare treat. But I had to stretch my legs, breathe some fresh air, maybe hear something other than the highway behind my home. I also needed to take photos…bad.

We went to the local conservation center and I brought with me my Nikon D5300 and my 40mm macro. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be doing more freelensing work or more macro, but I did know I wanted to add more to my “Flowers in the Dark” project. So I made sure to keep an eye out for tiny flowers in dark places.

Despite the sun making an occasional appearance, the dark places did not disappoint, especially in the deep wooded areas. Making sure to keep my distance from any passersby, I let my husband and daughter search the nearby pond for bullfrogs while I snapped away. Believe it or not I kept my lens mostly on the camera this time, and gave my macro some good use. I believe the aperture was an f4 and the ISO 100. Since I purposefully underexpose I didn’t have to worry about a slow shutter speed.

Toward the end of our short—yet super energizing—walk, I found a spiderweb and thought it’d be a great thing to shoot with my macro. It wasn’t until I took several pictures that I realized there was a spider on it. I call him the “Circus” spider because his butt has the markings of a circus tent.

I chose to keep this one in color, as I really felt the green surroundings at somewhat dewy web made for a perfect springtime mood. It has definitely been a rainy and cloudy spring—my favorite weather!—and so I think this image captures the season perfectly.

I can’t wait to go on another walk. This weekend we may even go for a bike ride. Whichever we decide, I will definitely be bringing my camera along, and maybe a sketchbook or two, and I will make sure to share with you everything I come up with.

Until then, may your spiderwebs be dewy and your shutter speeds be swift.

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